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Venus retrograde before the Sun

This is a trying time for Taurus and Libra ascendants and Moons, as well as anyone with a natal Venus retrograde or a Pisces Venus. Partnerships may cool down especially if they are karmically good in the long term. It is not a good time for investments. Generally, it is a calling back of love relationships - thoughts, feelings and persons could appear from your past, especially women for men. As it takes place in Pisces, where Venus is exalted, it counts doubly, for Venus is strong at the same time it is weakening, at the same time it could bring a new source of healing to some people. Jupiter is still in Virgo across Venus and Uranus is in gandanta - the last part of a water sign. Mercury is there too, and last but not least the Sun. When Venus comes before the Sun on March 25, the Evening Star changes into a Morning Star. This is like a death and rebirth for the Venus power, and the week afterwards is doubly challenging to men and people in leadership positions.

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