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A different Mrs. Clinton

Dear Reader,

So far my main prediction seems to stand about why Donald Trump would lose in my May 14 post. I did not publish my analysis at the time, however, believe it or not, but I simply did not press the correct button. I am only now learning to operate the various features of my self-designed new site (thanks to Wix). So it's up to you to believe whether I'm honest in saying I wrote it on May 14.

As my most esteemed colleague, neo-Vedic astrologer Joni Patry says in many forms in her videos this year, however, it has not been easy to say from the point of view of Vedic astrology that Hillary Clinton will win. Of course, by default she would, because Trump has his Sade Sati, and she could not have any comparable transit with that birthday. But we do not really have her birth data, except speculations - the 8:02 a.m. most astrologers take never seemed to describe her well enough. Also, collectively, way too many secrets turn up about leaders all around the world due to Scorpio Saturn's aspect on Leo.

The interesting thing in neo-Vedic terms, where the outer planets are integrated into the Indian zodiac with Indian aspects, is that Pluto is going through Sagittarius, which explains the worldwide escalation of fanaticism. I associate nationalism and macho politics with that, and naturally, terrorism. Cancer is the sign for the roots and mother, paralleling the fourth house, while Sagittarius parallels the ninth house and father (the Indian system associates father with the ninth house). We are looking into an upcoming, long Pluto-Saturn combination in 2017-18-19, joined in the latter stages by Ketu and Jupiter, which can be devastating. Pluto and Saturn were in Cancer in the years following World War 2, from September 1945 until July 1948. Ironically, both presidential candidates were born within that period of time. Still, Trump with his Leo Mars is obviously the more provocative of the two, while due to his Jyeshtha Moon-Ketu he destroys his own chances by bad communication. The September 1st solar eclipse brought a fallback of this balance, and attacks upon Clinton were more and more vicious during the time Mars and Pluto were in the same sign. Now we have Mars in Capricorn though, so it is time to test reality, plus Ketu separated from Neptune in the sign of Aquarius - groups and communities. That has a profound significance for Hillary. However, fanaticism and the force of the campaign may bring disastrous results later even if Hillary is elected. Fairness of the elections may be questioned, plus nothing stops Trump from starting a grassroots movement when he enters his Jupiter period, which could result in his coming to real political power later. Joni Patry looked at Chelsea Clinton's chart and that does not say very easy things about her mother in the coming year. Looking into someone's child's chart may only yield partial results or some difficulties.

I just read some Western astrologers' blog about Mrs. Clinton's possible birth time in the Western astrology magazine "The Mountain Astrologer." That is the main reason for this post right before the elections (my ballot was mailed out weeks ago). The story says that someone with a lot of patience tried to get her birth time from the state official on the phone. The official is allowed to say that a birth time in incorrect to a third party but he or she is not authorized to say yes to the correct birth time. They went through a lot of logical choices and the official was silent at the astrologer's question referring to 2:13 a.m.

That seems to fit better, with a Leo ascendant. And then Ketu was transiting her seventh house when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke out, past her Moon, with Venus retrograde passing before the Sun. Bill Clinton is a textbook example of a leader who suffered difficulties but was finally spared. A simple Vedic technique used for birth time rectification is to look at the birth of children as a transit in the mother's chart, and check if Rahu, Saturn or Jupiter aspects her fifth house, the fifth from the Moon or the fifth Jaimin pada. I have never seen this fail in over 12 years of active astrology. That does not check out in Hillary's assumed 8:02 birth time, except if we assume Rahu aspects Ketu, which is a hair-splitting technicality, and the only childbirth I have seen that is like that was a very difficult birth, a very difficult child, and the theme is completing the job for mothering for the next few incarnations.

It does check out in the case of the 2:13 birth.

Let's assume, for the moment, that 2:18 it is. One good news, one bad news.

The good news first.

Seems like there is a full cycle of time there from those difficult times in January 1998, with Ketu finishing its job very recently. In a way, it was a karmic problem that was completed. But this is true even if this 2:18 is not the correct birth time.

Bad news: the two candidates are too much alike. Both are nationalist and warlike, and both would be heading very difficult changes, perhaps a world war. Only, in the case of The Donald, Mars in the first house sort of swings it in your face. In the case of Hillary, the same Mars is in the already incriminated twelfth house, signifying hiding in the worst place (in the fallen sign for Mars), suppressed by Saturn. Trump has his Venus there which suffers less than Mars does. Mars, Pluto and Saturn fall into her 12th house (with a 2:18 chart). That means it is not by chance that she is so private about her private life - Saturn 12th is always like that. She also loves her country very strongly despite whatever her enemies say about her. (Vedic astrology says Bush Jr. did too - however, let us hope Hillary's love for America will be a notch wiser.) And in fact, she will not hesitate to wage war if it comes to that, it is just not so obvious because she keeps this part sort of out of view. Which is all the best for the future leader of a Democratic society who should exercise restraint and only look at destruction as the last resort to protect the world. And indeed, she may even have to answer challenges of a situation similar to a world war with those times ahead, when Saturn will join Pluto in the Vedic nakshatra of Purva Shadha, Sagittarius.

However, in 2018 this chart enters into a Sun mahadasha which is very challenging - Sun is fallen and it is the Ascendant Ruler and it is the karaka of leadership. Venus in Libra aspecting it (same sign) is the only good thing about it, which could save the day.


(though we Europeans think the US voting system is odd, as she had at least 150 thousand indiividuals more voting for her, but the electors sweep whole states so that does not legally matter.)

Basically at depth I concur with my esteemed colleague Joni Patry who was 1. pointing at an auspicious day for Trump to declare his run for presidency, 2. at the solar eclipse on September 1, he was really pulling himself up by his own bootstraps like Baron Münchhausen in the German fairy story 3. pointing out that neither of the candidates look like a winner from the POV of Vedic Astrology, and that 4. much can happen between now and inauguration. We still have Trump's tax records unscrutinized - perhaps he will still be disqualified. Then Mike Pence will hold office? Or another Republican candidate? But Trump's Jupiter dasha kicks in soon - and that will show him as lucky and a fearless communicator. Go figure.

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