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Eight difficult days in August

The end of August will be not easy for anyone with a Leo-Aquarius constellation. We have a solar eclipse on August 21, and a few days before, the nodes - Rahu and Ketu - also change signs (in the first hours of August 18 CET, Lahiri ayanamsha). Rahu, the node of sudden novelties, actions and catalysms joins Mars in gandanta - the last degrees of Cancer; obviously, Ketu will be right across. Any joining of Ketu and Mars mean sudden violence, possible war or terror, accidents or an outburst of past karma in a violent manner, and its seventh aspect does not promise to be friendly. During this whole time, Saturn will also be back in gandanta in Scorpio - which is not a Vedic aspect but formally it is related as Scorpio is Mars's sign. The whole transit lasts for 8 days, until the 26th of August, while Mercury will be retrograde.

Everyone with Vedic positions in Leo or Aquarius should consider taking it very easy, possibly avoiding Mars significations of quarrels, fighting, danger, fire and machines. Driving is not a good idea, but if you must, be extra careful.

People with strong Leo significations - for example, President Trump with his Leo Mars and Ascendant - will have a very difficult time. If times are an omen, perhaps one could say that when Venus goes before the Sun during the present Venus retrograde transit - on March 25 - decision can be brought which result in a fundamental change or overthrowing of a ruler. Naturally, a good ruler can learn from his or her mistakes and possibly reverse directions. Pisces is the eighth house from Leo, where the solar eclipse will take place, visible from certain places in the Northern Hemisphere - that is why I think the seeds of all this will be sown within a week or two. Politics is only a surface business but it is a good indication of what happens at a deeper level. I would say Mr Putin should be bringing decisions very carefully as both his ascendant and Moon are in Venusian signs. Some decisions have to be reversed and the larger the country is, the more difficult it is for a leader to change directions. The same goes for Mr Trump, though he does not heed advice generally.

Venus retrograde will finish some theme already being in the forefront and if a bad decision is not reversed in time in respect of money, love affairs and alliances, it will rebound in the third week of August. Lest we forget, politics is a Libra affair and more wars have been waged in modern history for money and influence than for any other reasons. Plus we are in a general time frame of the Sagittarius transit of Saturn with Pluto, therefore the highest troubles always come from conflicts in religion, ideology, fanaticism and not regarding other human beings as equal.

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