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Path and Destiny

T wrote a textbook to be used for astrological studies heading towards application of the nakshatras. The Hungarian edition (2012, Springmed Budapest) had a meticulous introduction to all the principles of Parashara astrology but we're looking for a sponsor for an English, a German and possibly a Frencs or Spanish edition. In those version, the same book would be slimmer. Excellent introductory materials exist in those languages towards the house-based astrology, only the nakshatras are missing (except in the works of Krishnamurty and Bepin Behari). But first of its kind in the world, it lists the results of the planets in nakshatras including Lunar Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) plus the three Western outer planets. The book also speculates on the origins of the various systems of astrology, the 12-sign system of Greece inherited from Egypt and the 27-based system of the Indians.


An oracle is being developed by Lucy Karmen Melocco-Imre, fantasy writer in Hawai'i and Janos T. Melocco Vedic astrologer in Hungary. We are looking for an investor and a crew for a wonderful adventure with thousands of years of tradition and a game expert to create a start-up for an online oracle design. The goal is to write the program for the oracle a where core ideas of Indian astrology.. The logic has already been tested for years in experiments.


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