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I published before I could get to No. 1. - where does it lead us. So we are heading towards a Sagittarius Saturn-Pluto world event - where all this racism and paranoia leads people and the US in particular.

So why is this entire Saturn-Pluto thing so scary from the POV of Vedic (or more exactly, neo-Vedic) astrology?

As I explained in my post before the US elections, the sign Cancer parallels the mother (fourth house in Vedic) while the sign Sagittarius parallels the father. So a destructive constellation in Cancer meant dislocation and tearing up of roots of entire groups of people, whereas the destructive constellation in Sagittarius means something like the destructive power of blind, destructive faith and ideology.

The middle of Sagittarius, Purva Shadha is, if positive, a very strong faith, if negative, the very embodiment of fanaticism. Hitler's Moon and Ketu was there. Saturn and Pluto together are destructive, but let us refine our understanding. When I reviewed historical timing, I could see that the Cancer Saturn-Pluto years happened AFTER the Holocaust and the war that surpassed everything in horrors before. (Both presidential candidates were born with Saturn and Pluto in Cancer BTW). Many millions were displaced - entire nations disappeared, classes of people like ethnic Germans were relocated in the entire Soviet sphere, for example. Arguably , however, nothing compares to the swift horrors of the final years of the war. (It is difficult to say anything about these tragic matters involving so many people.)

But a glimmer of hope is that 1945-48 hallmarked by the Cancer constellation of Saturn and Pluto, not the worst part of the Holocaust. That means perhaps the great Sagittarius constellation will be a consequence of something horrible ALREADY HAPPENING, and the total horror index will not surpass that. We do not really know what is happening in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, or Nigeria. Fanaticism of all sorts has been growing, and Trump will not start it, neither will become a dictator despite his rhetoric and the arguable political hijacking.

Let us not forget that even under the current President who is disliked by all the racists of the world, race riots broke out several times due to the cruel treatment and indiscriminate killing of non-white citizens by police. So what can still happen? A President has been elected now, supported by many racists as well as people with the welfare chauvinism of the sinking working class, while the first African.American president, of an intelligent and liberal disposition, is still in power. Trump's star was rising from the time of the September 1st solar eclipse event (I mean an astrological solar eclipse, not visible from the US or Northern Europe). And there will be another eclipse on January 1st. The inauguration is only on January 20. And we still have Saturn returning to Scorpio on June 21st until October.

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