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Personal Readings

Natal Chart Consultation

This usually takes an hour and a half, with the most important three questions analyzed at depth and some historical references sought. You can ask questiuns relating to work, love, children (as long as you have their birth  date and minute and place) in terms of karmnc directions, former lives and future lives. Reincarnational astrology may even give you advice on where you want to live if you move abroad...

I ask more questions than traditional Indian astrologers, because I think it is mre worth our time of counselling to be spent upon what is interesting to you than upon certifying my skill to establish whether you have a brother or sister or not.

Western clients are provided with a 3-4 page summary or their karmic challenges which could be relevant to the reading with some live interpretation. The whole packaghe costs $300.

Relationships Analysis

There's a great module and simple aspects and planetary periods to check wheter you're compatible,  if Mangalik, you should seek a Mangalik mate etc. There are traditional viewpoints to judge whether a couple will make it, and also the exact time when they married or committed to the reltionship could serve as omens. Get to know the weaknesses and strengths of your partner as well the time windows for acquiring or strengthening a partner relationship in your life. What past life and what development is he/she steering you towards? What traps to be avoided at the karmic scene?

Fertility Consultation

There are years when a woman can get more pregnant and deliver a successful child. If she is not in the position, she should take precautions as should her partner. Sometimes we can see if someone has no children or that she or he will adopt someone or do something else. Existing children's charts will often show a challenge of a new person in the family.

Current Patterns

Using Varshaphala, and timing techniques one can pinpoint with accuracy when it is time to sell a business, move or what titme you will be loaded with family commitments. Also, MUHURTHA - the picking out of an auspicious time to start an endeavor, a marriage, a move can be delienated to the exact day. Useful karmic suggestions can be relied on - which ones are you going to act and when? Fateful but good questions. BTW Idon't believe in absolute determinism, free will always has a part to play - if you know the playing field.

Natal for Newborns

Sometimes an entire generation can be spotted, as much as the Hippy generation were different from their elders, or that Milennials have a special collective challenge with the environmental and social changes these days. Sometims great sensitivity of challenges a parent has to answer will come out in a natal chart for a newborn person, other times, types of professions – talents can show up early on. Occasionally, the parents can be seen through a newborn's chart and you can see wht parts of child-rearing you should emphasize and what to neglect with a particular child. It would whow if he or she would live abroad, or good at languages, for example. See geolocation.

Mundane Astrology

This relates to the "birth" of nations, or businesses, which have their own karma. Time is the omen in Indian astrology. Most modern nations have the exact hour when they were proclaimed after the last territorial change, and some have many charts (Independence Day certainly matters for the USA: Philadephia, 1776 July 4 at 18:32 p.m. The same way, launching a new product or purchasing a house or founding an enterprise will have charts to be analysed. Even stock market or cryptocurrency changes can be followed this way.

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