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Trump victory - where does it lead and why it could happen

Now that it turned out Hillary underperformed even the populist candidate with a deep Sade Sati, we should look for 1. what is still expected in the US in the near future 2. what astrological factors we have. It must be stressed that no one knows Mrs Clinton's correct birth hour, we can only speculate. Let us explain Number 2 first.

It is difficult not to take Sagittarius Pluto into account (which only in neo-Vedic astrology). Pluto has been in Purva Shadha since 2012, signifying growing collective fanaticism, paranoia and extremism.

I associate Brexit with this phenomenon as well, and the racist handling of refugees from the Middle East.

The effect is probably stronger in Sagittarius and Gemini cultures. Hungary is strongly Sagittarius, the US is strongly Gemini. When Pluto entered Purva Shadha, Mars was in Leo, about where Rahu is now (Purva Phalguni). So "a ruler is crowned," with the polls closing with the Moon in Satabhisha with Neptune and Ketu.

Translation: the will of the masses are being led by illusions, and their power is channeled away towards a ruler. Times do not favor the values of a liberal democracy. This constellation is in a Rahu nakshatra, with Rahu being almost exactly where the Sun and the Moon met on the September 1 solar eclipse. That Rahu is in Purva Phalguni (Venus-nakshatra) shows that material and financial factors are behind this ideological power. Joni Patry (noted neo-Vedic astrologer from Dallas, Texas) has been right all along saying that it is difficult to see Mrs Clinton as an acting president, and that basically the Saturn Scorpio transit now (among other things) turns regular routines of power and politics upside down, and we can see all the refuse.

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