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The astrology of India is full of unique and unexplained, ageless secrets fitting into an ancient pattern still valid and current for modern people, with countless individual variations. A Moon-based system with a different zodiac based upon the fixed stars, Jyotish has many charts for each person, 27 lunar mansions and a mysterious 120-year planetary cycle of unknown origins.

Its predictive, down-to earth approach holds an irreversible charm, while an even deeper level reveals complex challenges of individual karmic patterns – some of which are challenges with several solutions.

Having a personal reading based on your exact birth data arranged in a Hindu chart is the easiest way to start discovering the timeless wisdom of these intricate, interwoven, and individual patterns. You can simply relax and focus on your questions important in the near future, and take notes, or just gradually let a greater wisdom and intelligence “speak to you” from different levels of consciousness: Cosmic Existence, your inner Guides or Buddha-nature. By the end, something crystallizes from the wellspring of your deepest layers so you can respond to karmic challenges with wisdom and trust.

Look To The Stars

​Personal Reading

Provide your exact data in an email - and those people important to you, as exactly as you can - and state your main questions. We'll arrange for a confidential Skype session (with fitting time zones) of an hour and a half, or a personal meeting in Budapest or the USA. We can record sessions with privacy, it's always a good idea to take notes. Please write an email to regmelocco with a suggestion for a time in your zone and I'll accomodate to that.

Classes & Seminars

I teach individuals these days mostly on Skype (regmelocco) or Viber (same number). This level of Vedic or Indian astrology is so complex that customized individual tutoring, though more expensive, is more worth your while. From software settings to trial charts to supervision of your test clients , help is on your way once you are stricken with that insatiable thirst for knowledge of how you can dive into a deep understanding of the modern version of basic Indian techniques and achieve quick results of insight into karmic patterns in a few months with weekly classes - or your money back!

New From Janos Melocco / Kartikeya:

Út és Sors [Nakshatras: Your Karmic Path and Destiny]

I published this 400-page book in Hungary about the basics of Indian astrology with a special focus on planets on nakshatras, the details of which haven't been written about either in the West or in India. I am preparing an English edition, please contact me if you are interested in rights or translation.


When somebody moves for a long time several time zones away, a new ascendant may be erected for them, while stellar time is set right by adjusting the Moon to the degree and minute of the original Moon, and then planetary periods and sub-periods will remain the same. This is a new chart from the point of view of Earth spirits – support or circumstances.   

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