Trump's chart at a brief glance


My first instinct is no. First of all, he is in his deepest Sade Sati - when Shanaiscarya (Saturn) is cutting off all unnecessary karmic items from his path. Saturn will still be in Vrishchik (Scorpio), in the nakshatra of Jyestha, ruled by Mercury. I would say possible black magic in former lives, and a proneness to destructive verbal statements. This goes on until the end of January 2017. We have all heard some of these destructive statements as time in his candidacy has been progressing. Though the nakshatra ruler Mercury is well positioned in the middle of its own sign, the 11th house, the same house is 8th from his Moon. Frankly, as good as a TV personality he is, he just can't resist making comments which stick almost like "black magic" in the terms of Indian folklore.

Let's look at his Southern style chart. (We can assume his birth date as precise since he was born in a rich family in a very developed Dwapara part of the world - the East Coast of the US.)

This chart has current transits in the middle - Saturn and Mars are both retrograde in his fourth house, which is a house associated with the unconscious, retrograde towards the 3rd which is the house of mind. This spells to me a strong appeal to the unconscious of the masses as long as these retrogrades are operating, almost magical. However, this will cease to be transformed to mental imagery when the planets turn - his charming and willful Leo Mars will move forward (in Scorpio in transit) from June 21 and Saturn from August 27. When they meet in Anuradha earlier, on August 24, we can expect something in foreign lands to happen to which he will have a poor response. From the last part of June, Mars will be retrograde to Libra, which is his 6th Jaimini pada - hence, enemies. The whole time until Mars turns and later when it is taking a trip back to Libra (Tula) is wrought with extreme difficulties in cooperation.

True, you can see a rich and resourceful man, and a counter-argument can be raised that his transit of tenth house Rahu can actually make him the boss at the end of Rahu dasa. But as you can see, his natal Sun and Uranus of the Western planets in Taurus (Vrishabh) can be much better for making money and real estate than being a political leader of the free world.

Rahu dasa ends mostly with losing all one's possessions accumulated during the dasa. The 16-year-long Jupiter only starts after the election (November 15th). Even if he is elected - which can only happen if cosmic forces decide that a brief Trump stunt will be necessary for the balance of the world (a meagre possibility), he can lose presidency soon, perhaps be even assassinated. Jupiter dasa is the dasa of the ruler of the eighth house, the house of death, a house which is Randhr Bhava, a vulnerable point. And the planet Jupiter would be aspecting his eighth house as the dasa begins, from the second - not a good prospect for a life insurance policy.

If you place the Western planet Pluto in the Indian context, it will be natally in the 12th house with Saturn, in the sign of Cancer. That's one "good" thing for Trump - he truly loves his country and his roots, but he is willing to wreak destruction due to that love. The dark side of this is that he may actually be a secret racist, and he may want to control territories. Basically the same setting was operational (Cancer Saturn with Pluto) in the chart of Bush Jr. Then he brought us the Afghan War and the Iraq war... In Neo-Vedic astrology we sometimes integrate the outer Western planets into the rashis and nakshatras. Saturn and Pluto together in the sign of Cancer mean inevitable destruction, and an ardent nationalism.

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